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We have been awarded a US Patent for our technology

It was an uphill battle, but we did it!

We were pretty sure that we were the first to apply AI to the problem of finding the twistiest roads on planet Earth, but it was not until we applied for a patent in 2019 that we put that assumption to the test. And now, after almost five years of back and forth with the US Patent Office, we were proven correct. Our technology is the first to use AI find the most complex, twisty and fun roads in the immense volumes of geodata that describe the World's road networks. We did it first! 

You enjoy driving like the rest of us

And you already know that there are many apps that can get you from A to B as quickly as possible.  That’s relatively easy and requires very little effort and very little investment by the companies that already do that. Those routing algorithms were first developed over sixty years ago.

How many apps can reliably tell you, in a snap, where to find the most fun roads?

That’s where the problem gets incredibly challenging, because until now there was really no easy way. You can look for routes other folks have driven on. But after a fun ride we all come back excited and subjectively rate it 10/10, so there’s a very strong tendency for all to get the same rating. That’s not a whole lot of help, with no clear way to objectively differentiate the really spectacular roads from the rest, and to know in advance the type of driving experience you are likely to have when you get there.  A handful of the more specialized navigation apps do their best to try to show you the twistiest roads, but they all fall short, because they have no objective scale for comparison.

That’s where we come in

We decided to apply a hefty dose of mathematics and geometry backed up with our proprietary (and now patented) artificial intelligence algorithms to measure every curve on every road on the planet, and then developed a rigorous twistiness index that allows us to compare roads objectively. 

We tested & refined our technology in the Swiss, French and Italian Alps

Driving around the alps using maps plotted on Google earth we finally nailed it, then we came back to the States to build the technology into a mobile app that works on phones and tablets, and to submit an application for a patent to the US Patent and Trade Mark Office. This was finally awarded on 27 December 2022, completely validating our claims. 

What differentiates us from all the others?

We put the results of our analyses onto a secure cloud server where we hold over a half a billion records of geometrical road data, and in less than two seconds our app searches through it all for you to find the best driving roads absolutely anywhere - currently in the USA, Europe, Asia and Africa.

There’s no longer any need for you to laboriously pore over Google or Apple Maps, or read all the crowd-sourced reports of fun roads other folks have driven on and enjoyed. Fire up TWISTYroute, and off you go!

We guarantee we will find the best driving roads for you - on the fly!

Today, no matter where you are on planet earth, we are super confident that our patented technology will find the twistiest roads no matter where you are, or where you plan to go, plot them on a map for you, and after you select the roads you want to drive on, it will create a route for you and give you guidance from start to finish.


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