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The best driving roads in the world in the palm of your hand

TwistySystems source data is © OpenStreetMap Contributers,  provided as open-data under the terms of the Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODBL).

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Millions of the best driving roads in the world 

geometrically analyzed & rated just for you


No other app can do this

Pikes Peak CO.jpg

Tap to select and create your own unique route

Tap again to remove

Pikes Peak CO.jpg


When you are done, hit Navigate, 

then hit the road!



We are a small company with big ambitions.

We want everyone with a phone or tablet to be able to enjoy using our amazing technology so you can get out of our crowded, locked-down cities and towns, away from the super highways and onto the beautiful back-country roads that bring us peace and joy, and now and again some exciting rides.

So we applied our technology to the problem, measured the geometry of billions of curves on every single road on the planet, used some clever artificial intelligence to analyze them, and now we can put them on a map on your phone in seconds so you can create your own, unique trip plans with almost limitless possibilities.

The pandemic has humbled us and taught us many lessons, not least of which is to spend more quality time in the present, with our loved ones, seeking inner peace and calm. 

There is absolutely nothing like a drive on a beautiful twisty road to bring each one of us back to center, down to size and to clear our minds and find our inner peace and humility, mindful of how lucky we all are to have made it through the last three years.

For so many of us, driving is a wonderful form of socially distanced therapy, release, and relaxation, and we want you to be able to search out and enjoy these experiences as much as we do.  

So we built our app TWISTYroute just for you, and we plan to make it the most popular and widely used navigation app on the planet. Right now we cover North America, Europe and Asia, but we will soon be  covering the whole world.

TWISTYroute searches for and shows you the twistiest roads - no matter where you are - plots them on a map for you, and then you just select the ones you want to drive on and off you go. Its that simple.

TWISTYroute is not about a destination. It's about creating our unique, individual jouneys.

So download TWISTYroute, enjoy it, and tell us how to improve it.

We'd love to hear from you . 





5501 Seminary Road, Suite 514 South, Falls Church VA 22041

Tel:  +1 571 331 7093

For technical support, please complete the following form:

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