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Find Twisty Roads Anywhere

Been stuck at home for months, need some open space, but wary of crowded places?


Do you long to make a road trip, get out in the fresh air, enjoy the fall colors?


Imagine having an amazing road-trip planner in the palm your hand?


Hills and valleys, mountain roads, anywhere you may be?


Well you’re in luck!


TWISTYroute has them all. And its free


So download the app, then get in your car or jump on your bike.


Re-discover freedom - on the road

Anywhere in north America, Europe, or Asia


Our patent-pending technology finds every twisty road on the planet and delivers them directly to your mobile device 

Built by Enthusiasts

We love to ride the twisties ourselves, and designed and built TWISTYroute to deliver the most enjoyable motorcycle riding and driving experiences.


Customized Routes

Almost limitless control of routes you can construct, combine and customize to tailor each ride just the way you like it.



Five million roads

at your fingertips!

The World's most exhilarating roads.

Anywhere in north America, Europe, or Asia

Using our patent-pending technology, we analyzed the spatial geometry of every road on the planet.

Next, we applied our own proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms to define, classify and predict the level of exhilaration expected on each one

Finally, we put it all into a mobile application on your iPhone or iPad

Tailor-made routes with live turn-by-turn guidance



Displays up to 100 Twisty Roads

Almost limitless choice of fully customizable route 

Intuitive Interface

Simple and easy to use

Super Responsive

Fast analytics for an absolute treat, every time!

Round Trip

From any point you choose

One Way Trip

You choose origin and destination

Five  million

twisty roads

to choose from 

America Europe

& Asia



Automated Itinerary

TWISTYroute creates your route

Fast Route Planning

Customized routing in just seconds

Guaranteed Fun

Planning your routes has never been this easy

Tap Road 

To Select

TWISTYroute organizes your route in the order you select

Tap Again To Remove

TWISTYroute instantly re-orders the roads for you

Distance and Duration

Updated with every selection 



Turn-By-Turn Guidance

TWISTYroute gives you both visual and verbal guidance

Dynamic Re-Routing

Make a wrong turn, and TWISTYroute will quickly get you back on track

Displays Complete Itinerary

From start to finish, no matter where you begin

Automated Itinerary

TWISTYroute creates your route

Fast Route Planning

Customized routing in just seconds

Guaranteed Fun

Planning your routes has never been this easy



Since I was a kid growing up in England, I have always loved maps, travel, motorcycles and fast cars. In school I was taught to read the old UK Ordnance Survey maps which left me with an enduring passion for discovering out of the way places. Combining that with my first motorcycle led me to many fun and interesting rides around rural England.


Fast forward to 1989, and Niger in west Africa, leading a team to improve the operations of the national immunization program. We used the latest geo-spatial technology to track outbreaks of Measles and compare these with the coverage of the vaccination program, and quickly identified the areas of that vast country where children were not being vaccinated effectively.

Twenty years later I found myself in the Sahel once again, this time leading another team helping with the efforts to eradicate Polio and treat HIV-AIDS. Geo-spatial technology had advanced in leaps and bounds over twenty years, and now we had access to immense volumes of geographic data that allowed us to examine all the road networks of every country on the continent, allowing us to refine our logistics planning to get the medicines and vaccines where they were needed as fast and as safely as possible.

And that gave me an idea, borne from my love of maps, fast cars and motorcycles.  How can we find the twistiest, most fun roads anywhere in the World using this technology, and then get navigation instructions sent to us so we can go and enjoy driving on them?

So in 2017, while living in Switzerland and driving my Ducati motorcycle and BMW convertible on amazing alpine roads I had discovered almost by chance, I decided I’d waited long enough. And so TwistySystems was born.

From August through October 2017 I developed and tested the analytic algorithms to find those amazing roads, then plotted road maps and followed them over the twisty, rolling roads of the Swiss, Italian and French Alps to make sure the technology could deliver.

The results were spectacular, and now you can have this technology at your fingertips, using your cell phone to show you where you can drive your bike or car to have as much fun as you can safely handle.

Today, you have TWISTYroute. But one day, this technology will be built into every car, bike and truck as it rolls off the production line.



Ian Sliney,

Founder and CEO

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